9 01 2018

Why I didn’t talk about this title before? I made a terrible mistake. I’m going to fix that, please don’t kill me Gourdfather!

It’s Devil’s Night in Olympia, WA – and out at Henderson Farms, the festivities are reaching a crescendo. Young and old have gathered to pick their own pumpkin, drink hot apple cider, and partake in the usual pumpkin farm fare. However, something has awakened from deep within the fertile soil. After years of abuse and humiliation, the pumpkins are ready…to pick US! You can beg! You can plead! You can scream! But these hell’s lanterns are lit only with the burning desire to: Watch.You. Die!



Not always you have the chance to be part of a twisted comic you feel like a personal work. I have this sensation working on Blood and Gourd. There’s something more below this bloody-pumpkin fest. There are dark cults, strange imaginary, smart B’ series characters ( well, some of them are pretty dumb as well ). I feel at home everytime I work on this series. Well, a twisted Giallo-inspired home.



Imagine all the people running scared of a giant Pumpkin monster. Well, this is not the song sounds, right? Mix all these late-night B movies you barely remember because you went to bed. Remember those VHS you rent and saw three or four times. Remember those rare books you saw once in a second-hand bookshop. Remember the Eerie issues you have in a box in the attic. Now you have some idea about the Blood & Gourd spirit.



The first part of the issue presents us an ancient menace. This is not merely a killer pumpkin invasion. This has deep roots. As all our childhood fears, all those witches, all the ghost houses of all neighborhoods.  Blood & Gourd carry you from dark humor bloody deaths to brilliant characters you want to see surviving because they can defeat a teethed pumpkin with a gun or with a cooking pan. We’ll run away with three groups of survivors on the second part of the issue, having this spine-chilling sensation that the pumpkins will never stop and knowing on the last part that the Olympia invasion if only a tiny beginning.



If you reached this point, you can guess I feel this series as one of my most personal works. Also, my partner J.C. Ruiz work on lettering, adding his professional and carefully vision ( and his impressive talent doing onomatopoeias ). Also, Rocio Canteros works on this invisible side calling “flats”, helping me to focus on brights, ambiances and b-movies red blood. With Juan Antonio Ramirez on pencils and the twisted minds of Jenz K. Lund and D.H Sultis, trust me, you shouldn’ t miss this title.

Mainly because we are currently working on pre-production of the third issue! Successfully funded on Kickstarter. Thanks to all backers for helping us to keep spreading the evil-pumpkins seed!


Blood and Gourd #3 Children of the Vine featured page. Art by Jonas Scharf.

Pick up your copies at:

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