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Hello and thanks for your time. I’m Fran Gamboa. Through the years as a colorist, I’ve worked on many types of pages: quick action panels with cutting shadows with a hard study of the color palette; intricate splash pages full of characters; pages with a hard study of psychological ambiances or titles with hand painting style of color. This profession has allowed me to develop titles with editors like Dynamite, Zenescope, Image and IDW in USA; Delcourt and Soleil in France and Norma and Hobby Press in Spain. I’m always trying to achieve striking pages respecting deadlines.

I like to achieve the most eye-popping pages. No matter if it is about a huge battle of angels versus demons or about a real duel between sword fighters for the love of a woman in the France of Louis XIII, a comic about police investigation in Las Vegas or about a group of cover ops vampire agents searching a dangerous sorcerer. I’ve also translated the light of tv series and movies to the printed pages and I´ve been lucky to be able to give a personal touch to some histories starting from sketches. At last, I´ve been responsible for a good number of covers, trying to catch the reader’s attention in the stores.

This is my job now and I want to keep learning. The profession has trained me to calculate the dates, organize myself and try to give each story a different touch working with colors, not as a mere accessory, but integrating it into the development of the story.




Samples portfolio at Issuu


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