2 01 2018

Happy new year! As a part of my New Year’s resolution, I want to post more works on this site. So, why wait? Here are the first pages of, probably, one of my scariest works I can remember.

On this issue, Ellen will make a trip to the most horrible place: her own memories. She’ll discover some dark corners of her childhood, making contact with an unexpected ally and some of the most bizarre creations I’ve worked on until now.

The scenario needed to work on fleshy textures and dark ambiances, alternating with fall scenes in the real world. In the second half, Ellen will go through a couple of scary scenes, each one with a different color treatment.

The history is ready to finish on the final issue, so, stay alert, Spirit Hunters on the way!

Reviews at:

Scifi Pulse

The Fandom Post.

Digital issue available at:





9 08 2017

Some months have passed since my last entry. I’ve been thinking about the structure of this blog and I have some ideas. In the meantime, I’ll start to post news under a new tag so the visitor can read news, reviews and previews of my current works.

This month I find some cool reviews about Spirit Hunters #9, published by Zenescope. This is the series I’m working right now ( I worked on issues 3, 4, 9 and I’ve finished issue 10 ). Voodoo, the bayou, jazz clubs and the spirit world appear. I’ve tried to use vibrant colors, based on Louisiana night life, mixed with the green tones of the menacing dimension.

Here are a couple of cool reviews…



And here are the first pages. If you like this kind of paranormal histories you shouldn’t miss the entire series.



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